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Quality Grade 6 Math Tutoring & Help

As teachers move through new concepts quickly, your child may fall behind or not fully grasp previous math concepts that are essential to his or her success.

Many students struggle in math. As Grade 6 math introduces larger numbers and more complicated formulas, these issues can often emerge around the end of elementary school. A Grade 6 math tutor from Oxford Learning® can set your child up for math success!

With the customized Grade 6 math help offered at Oxford Learning®, your child will learn abstract concepts with visual representations. Students gain more than just improved math skills–our 6th Grade math tutors help your child develop increased focus and attention-to-detail so he or she can succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Grade 6 Math Tutoring Subjects

Number Sense/Numeration
  • Order numbers to 1 000 000
  • Multiply and divide four-digit numbers
  • Use order of operations
  • Use metric units
  • Understand and calculate volume and surface area
  • Work with square metres and centimetres
Geometry & Spatial Sense
  • Analyze quadrilaterals
  • Measure 180 degree angles using a protractor
  • Utilize isometric sketches
Algebra & Patterning
  • Find solutions to equations with guess and check
  • Graph patterns
Data Management & Probability
  • Create line graphs
  • Organize and compare primary data
  • Discover theoretical probability