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Tips to Make Groupwork Successful

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Groupwork can be challenging! Many people in a group can mean different personalities trying to work together which doesn’t always produce the best outcome. Ideally, working together on a group project teaches students about teamwork and staying accountable for their work. However, it often results in frustration and wanting to avoid group work at all costs. 



  • Different Paces: Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. This can be frustrating for learners who change their usual pace to match the rest of the group.
  • Who is in Charge? Either no one takes charge, and things get disorganized, or someone appoints themselves as the leader, even though they aren’t the best person for the job. This can cause tension and unequal workloads.
  • Unbalanced Workload: Social loafing can arise, causing members to hide behind the work of other students. Introverts can also get lost in the background, struggling to have their voices and ideas heard.


Collaborative learning certainly has its disadvantages but there are many benefits to working in a group.

  • Fellow students can explain a concept on a better level of understanding than the teacher.
  • Groupwork brings an element of fun into the classroom, which can motivate students!
  • Intertacting with other students can improve critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Groupwork can also boost cultural awareness by blending students from different backgrounds and cultures is a great way to learn respect for differences of opinions and learning styles


To continue to reap the benefits of group work without the stress and potential tears, here are some tips!

  1. Ensure there is a platform for supervising the group’s progress. A collaborative communication method is great for tracking progress and showing who contributed what.
  2. At the start of the project, create an action plan based on group guidelines and goals. This outlines everyone’s role within the group and includes important deadlines and deliverables needed for the project.
  3. How will the teacher grade the project? When all students are responsible for their own work, it encourages them to put the same effort levels into the project. 

Get Help for Group Projects

Groupwork is an essential part of learning, but the stress that comes with it doesn’t have to be. With some structure and organization, group work can be a fun and positive experience! For help managing groupwork, reach out to your local Oxford Learning location for tips and strategies to help students succeed.

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