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Unwrapping the 12 Days of Holiday Skills

Holiday Skills

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by infusing learning into the festive spirit? Welcome to the 12 Days of Holiday Skills, a magical journey of fun and educational activities to keep your family engaged and excited throughout the season.

As we dive into each day, you’ll discover a delightful mix of hands-on experiments, creative projects, and family adventures that bring joy and foster essential skills in your child. From exploring educational websites to baking up some holiday math magic, every day is an opportunity to create lasting memories while nurturing a love for learning.

So, gather your loved ones, embrace the season’s spirit, and let’s unwrap the magic of learning together. 

Introducing the 12 Days of Holiday Skills!

Day 12 – Keep Curiosity Alive

Educational websites are like treasure troves of fun and learning. The best part? There are thousands of them waiting to spark your curiosity and keep your child entertained while they learn! Here are some we enjoy:

Day 11 – Boost Science Skills

Kids love hands-on activities, and science is the perfect playground for the scientific method. You can easily find instructions for these exciting experiments with a quick Google search. Don’t worry about making a mess—it’s all in the name of learning!

Day 10 – Holiday Baking and Learning

Baking is a holiday favourite. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved. Measuring, working with quantities, and understanding fractions are essential math skills that come to life in the kitchen. Once students see math in action, they’ll grasp its practical magic!

Day 9 – Let Your Child Be the Tour Guide

For Day 9 of the Holiday Skills, let the kids choose a local landmark or historic site. Have them research everything about it, from how to get there to its fascinating history. Then, appoint them as your tour guides to share their newfound knowledge with the family!

Day 8 – Level Up with a Language App

Mastering a new language can be a fun challenge, and it’s crucial to keep those language skills sharp during the winter break. Apps like Duolingo and Little Pim are awesome for kids! Make it even more exciting by setting up challenges and milestones to keep students engaged and motivated.

Day 7 – Unleash the Magic of Writing

Handwriting skills are taking a back seat in our digital age. Let’s revive them. Encourage your kids to write a letter to Santa and send holiday cards to family members or long-term care facilities—to spread a little holiday joy. The holiday break is the perfect time to nurture this valuable habit.

Day 6 – Take a Family Adventure

Make the most of the holiday weather and embark on a family hike. Before you head out, let your child be the weather expert and interpret conditions based on temperature and precipitation. Once you’re outside, it’s time to get active. Enjoy a snowball fight, make a snow fort, or go tobogganing down a snowy hill. These outdoor activities not only bring joy but also boost blood flow to the brain, significantly enhancing cognitive function.

Day 5 – Create a Reading Tradition

Why not kick start a new family tradition this holiday season by getting a holiday storybook to read together? Reading is a key to academic success, so this holiday, nurture this important skill. Books help children unleash their imaginations and find solace in stories. They’re also fantastic tools for expanding vocabulary and mastering new words.

Day 4 – Get Festive with Holiday Tunes

The 12 Days of Holiday Skills wouldn’t be complete without those timeless jingles! Luckily, there are countless versions of these classics by different artists. Why not turn it into an impromptu music lesson? Create a holiday music playlist featuring both old and new songs. Here’s the twist—challenge the students to guess the singer!

Day 3 – Dive into Creativity

Turn your holiday into a creative adventure by crafting a family history Christmas tree. It’s a delightful blend of history and art, perfect for making cherished memories! Use holiday traditions as a gateway for kids to delve into their family’s past. Encourage your child to uncover where and how previous generations celebrated their holidays. This unique project adds a meaningful touch to the holiday season!

Day 2 – Get Your Board Game On

Gather the family for a fun-filled board game extravaganza! It’s a fantastic way to take a break from screens and bond together. Plus, playing board games is a secret training ground for critical thinking skills like strategy, analysis, and planning. Let the games begin!

Day 1 – Keep the Rhythm Going

Keep your regular routine going strong during the holiday break. It helps your child transition smoothly when it’s back to class in January. Wishing you a safe and joyful holiday season from all of us at Oxford Learning!

Unwrap a Season of Learning and Joy

As we wrap up the 12 Days of Holiday Skills, we hope these engaging activities have added a sprinkle of learning and joy to your festive season. From exploring educational websites to embarking on family adventures, each day brought opportunities to make lasting memories while sharpening essential skills.

At Oxford Learning, we believe in the power of continuous learning, and the holiday season is no exception. As you enjoy these activities with your family, consider extending the spirit of learning into the new year. Our tutoring centers are here to support your child’s academic journey, offering personalized programs designed to boost confidence and enhance skills.

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Wishing you a season filled with learning, laughter, and bright beginnings. Happy holidays from all of us at Oxford Learning!

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