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How Back to School is a Lot Like Team Tryouts

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Starting a new grade is like trying out for a sports team. That’s because in order to be ready to perform at their best, students need to prepare beforehand.

To make the team, kids know that they need to put in the time to practise their skills, to train their muscles to get into top shape, and to work with a trainer — a parent, a coach, or a friend — who will give them feedback and encouragement. Without these, the chances of making the team decrease.

Heading back to school requires the same amount of preparation. Just like hamstrings, biceps, and abs, the brain functions as a muscle. It needs practise and fine-tuning in order to function at the top of its game. And, just like those muscles, the brain can get out of shape after a period of neglect. The brain needs a good workout before school starts so it can get back into shape and be ready for the year ahead. It needs to run the drills, take a few practice shots, and feel confident that it’s up for the challenge.

So before heading back to class for a new school year, warm up the brain!

Starting a few weeks beforehand, set aside time every day to:
  1. Review last year’s schoolwork.
  2. Try a few math problems.
  3. Re-read an old essay or book report.
  4. Write a paragraph.
  5. Watch a science video on the Internet.

You can also get their brains back into academic habits by re-establishing school-year routines such as bedtimes and wake-up times.

Of course, the best athletes know that there is no such thing as an off-season. Anyone who really wants to stay at the top of his/her game never stops training.

That’s why there’s Oxford Learning — to keep athletes (aka students) performing at peak levels all year long.

Consider Oxford Learning as the coach: we help students excel at the sport of school, for this grade, and every grade.

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