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Make Learning Easier with Study Skills

Most people think of study skills as something students use when studying for a test. But that is only half right: these key skills are for so much more than just tests! When used regularly, these techniques can help students learn and retain information better so that writing tests becomes less stressful.

Beat Test Stress

Tests are a major part of school but can also be a significant source of stress. Solid study skills help students manage that stress. But, study skills are often not taught in school, which is why students find preparing for tests so challenging. Students either figure out ways to study on their own or turn to experts for help.

Having reliable study skills is essential to help students get organized, stay focused, retain information correctly, and beat procrastination.

Make Learning Simpler with Study Skills

Study skills—the techniques students use in class, when doing homework, or preparing for a test—help make learning and remembering information easier.

Using these skills becomes simpler and more natural with practice: the more students develop them, the easier learning becomes. In fact, practising daily can help students boost memory skills, reduce test stress, and feel motivated and confident. But best of all, when used regularly, they can help students become more organized in all areas of their education. 

3 Tips to Make Studying Easier

Make test prep and learning easier with these tips:

  1. Avoid Cramming: Divide subject material over the available study days.
  2. Create a study plan to reduce anxiety and feel more in control.
  3. Explain the material to somebody else to boost comprehension and confidence.

Skills for Success in Life

From becoming more organized to remembering material for longer, Oxford Learning students learn the secret techniques to take the stress out of studying by developing great study skills they can use for life! Enrol your child in a program today!

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