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Organization – The Key Skill Most Students Don’t Have. Oxford Learning Investigates

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Having good organizational skills is an important key to success for students learning both inside the classroom as well as at home. However, many parents and educators find it challenging to get students organized so they can complete their homework on time. Are your children struggling with keeping themselves and their school work organized?

Developing organizational skills to reach homework goals

Organization is one of the first steps to becoming a successful student, and building good organizational skills can go a long way toward success in the classroom and beyond. These tips will help start your child on the path to becoming a better, more organized student.

Using an Agenda

Many schools offer agendas to students at the beginning of the school year along with encouragement to use it. These daily planners are an effective way for children to organize their tasks and make sure they are setting aside time for homework, studying, and other tasks. Using an agenda reminds students about upcoming assignments, due dates, and the importance of planning.

Binders and Labels

It’s easy to get into the habit of putting loose papers in a single binder, but when class notes are not kept organized it makes completing assignments and learning effectively more challenging. Using a different coloured binder for each subject is an easy way for students to know which notes should go in which binder, keeping notes well organized and accessible. Clearly labelling binders for each subject can also help students quickly and easily find the notes and assignments so they spend less time searching for what they need.

Homework Stations

Having an organized work space is an important part of making sure students are able to study and learn at home. Creating a homework station with the supplies your child needs, including paper, pencils, and erasers will bring some of the structure of the classroom into the home and help establish a homework routine. Having a dedicated work space will teach your student how to stay organized, away from the distractions of the home, so they can focus on getting their homework done.

Do you have any suggestions, tips or tricks that help your children stay organized while doing homework? Comment below and tell us.

If your student needs help on the way to success, Oxford Learning can help! Our homework help and study skills programs teach children to build organizational skills along with other key skills including time management, attention to detail, note-taking, and agenda usage.

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