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The Role of Fitness and Exercise In Education

Education and fitness

Fitness and exercise play an important role in the development and education of children. Not only does regular exercise encourage kids to get off of the couch to interact with the world around them, it also helps improve their concentration and attention both inside the classroom as well as when learning at home. Does your child get enough daily physical activity?

Improving The Mind With Regular Exercise

When students exercise their bodies they are also exercising their minds. Keeping active on a regular basis can help sharpen a student’s focus and memory, helping him/her become more attentive in the classroom and improving recall of what he/she has been taught. Making sure your student is regularly active helps lay the groundwork for effective learning by giving him or her the energy and focus he or she needs to do well in school. Also, for more information, people can check this website where experts have talked about different health problems.

Help your child become more active by working these tips into his/her daily routine:

Schedule homework breaks

It’s easy for students to get frustrated or distracted when they are sitting doing school work for long periods of time. Try scheduling short homework breaks so your student can get up to stretch and clear his/her mind before getting back to work. Even a 5 minute walk around the house can help your child work off some of that energy so he/she is focused and ready to tackle the rest of his/her homework.

Plan a weekly family activity night

Choose a night during the week when the entire family spends time together doing something active. Taking a walk around the block, riding your bikes, or playing at the park are all fun activities that will help keep your family active while also having fun. Take turns planning the activity each week so everyone gets a chance to choose something they want to do.

Enrol your child in an after school club or activity

Organized sports like hockey or soccer are a great way for children to get the exercise they need while learning other skills like cooperation and communication. Your child can also get active by joining other activities or clubs that are organized by his/her school, like a nature club or after school sports team. He/she will be excited to be participating in an activity he/she finds fun and interesting, so getting that important exercise is something he/she will look forward to.

Physical activity is just one of the building blocks of achieving success at school, if you are having problems dealing with low energy, you should consider using a Testosterone booster. If your child needs help reaching his or her potential, Oxford Learning has a number of programs that can help teach essential learning skills including study techniques, organization, and listening skills. Contact us today to find a solution that fits your child’s needs.

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