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Top 12 Must-Read Canadian Teacher Blogs

An influential teacher once said, “A teacher never stops teaching, even outside of the classroom.”

We couldn’t agree more! The Canadian teachers we’ve featured below return home from a day in class and write advice, stories, and tips so other teachers and parents can help children learn more effectively in their own lives. By sharing ideas, memories, and funny stories about their time in and out of the classroom, they provide inspiration to students, parents, and other teachers alike.

From kindergarten stories to conquering math woes, these teachers have been through it all. So kick back, relax and put down that marking to browse through our list of 12 Canadian teacher blogs!

This blog follows a class of students in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Ms. Cassidy documents each student’s learning success, as well as all class projects she does with her students. This is a great site for those who desire inspiration for classroom ideas for younger students.


Krystal has been teaching “middle” school for 5 years now and has many stories, tips and resources available on her blog. She hosts guest bloggers and encourages blog guests to contribute and share their education stories.


Stepan Pruchnicky is a Toronto-based teacher who is passionate about learning and knows that it takes more than 140 characters to express his thoughts and ideas on education. His blog is full of funny memes and video clips that highlight and enhance his deep thinking on what happens in and out of the classroom.


Anamaria Ralph created her blog around educating the youngest minds in school. She writes about her experiences in the classroom and she knows that kindergarten students are full of wonders and questions about everything. Anamaria has links to many great resources for this particularly exciting age of learners!

5. Musing Mathematically

Nat Banting writes his blog about the hardest school subject: math. He expertly breaks down the subject into topics that greatly help both teachers and students. Nat has many resources available for math teachers, and even has a link to his favourite math-based books for research and entertainment (who would think that math could be so fun?)

Neil Finney’s blog is about igniting discussion, inciting action and inspiring changes in the way students are taught. He believes in using technology to reach students and using a student-centred education system to help young learners in their schooling. Neil shares lots of links and videos as well.

Ms. Digrigoli is a kindergarten teacher and focuses her teaching skills on holistic learning and self-directed student inquiry. She has many ideas for classroom design and projects that will truly engage the youngest students through fun and, most importantly, learning!


The Rookie Teacher is a blog that is committed to facilitating new teacher collaboration. It offers ideas, information, and resources to inspire a future of lifelong learners – teachers and students alike!

Diana is an elementary school French teacher and her award-winning blog will teach you something new inside and outside of the classroom every day.

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Patti is a grades 4-5 teacher and loves to integrate different types of technology into her classroom. Her colourful website is a definite pick-me-up, and her bubbly tone about teaching and life in general will make you want to add her blog to your bookmarks tab!

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Tammy Aiello, or when she has her ‘teaching hat’ on, Mme Aiello, started her blog in February, 2012 as an attempt to reach out to other French as a Second Language teachers. Tammy is active in networking with other teachers, and has great ideas for sharing information and resources with other teachers who are part of the Ontario College of Teachers.

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Jen is a grade school teacher and is passionate about teaching and sharing my upper grade classroom ideas and resources here on her blog. Jen loves creating engaging, fun, and rigorous activities for her students that keep learning fun, especially in literacy, math and the arts. Jen`s blog is full of ideas and is engaging for instructors of all kinds!


These teachers share their ideas and inspirations to make their classrooms an engaging learning environment for kids, as well as their insights and resources to help other teachers be the best in their own classrooms. We hope that these Canadian teacher blogs inspire parents and teachers alike to help children learn more both inside and outside of the classroom.

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