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Pro Tips for Better Organization and Better Grades

Pro tips for better organization and better grades

Organization is a critical skill for school success, yet it is one of those skills that cannot be easily pointed to, as if to say:  THIS is organization!

So, what IS organization, and how do you go about moving from it as a abstract concept to implementing it as a workable skill set that benefits students in and out of the classroom?

We all know what organization is not:  it’s not sloppiness, disorder, rushing, forgetting, or procrastinating.

Organization is both a set of habits, and a systematic way of thinking, categorizing, sorting, prioritizing, arranging, and approaching different aspects of life.  That includes everything from in-class learning to keeping the sock drawer neat.

The physical, hands-on ability to organize transfers into organized thought.  If students can organize their sock drawer, they can organize their study and learning habits—both these activities draw on a similar set of skills.

Tips for being organized in—and out of—school

  • Use your agenda like a pro!
  • Write the date and class on your notes.  Put all loose pages in order in your binder.
  • Before finishing homework for the night, double check that you have completed all tasks.
  • Look ahead to tomorrow and gather all the supplies that you need for the next day and out them in the book bag.
  • Keep all study and homework materials—pens, paper, calculators, dictionaries, whiteout—whatever you need—in a single spot. Get a clear tupperware bin to keep everything easily accessible. Don’t waste time searching for items you need to have at the tips of your fingertips.
  • Use a wall calendar to keep track of after-school activities and chores.
  • Make daily to-do lists in your agenda and check off items as they are completed.
  • Get in the habit of asking what needs to be done today. A mental overview of what’s coming in the day ahead primes the brain

By making these actions part of the daily routine, organization becomes a hands-on skill that students can use in and out of the classroom.

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