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Quality Grade 8 English Tutoring & Help

With extra Grade 8 English help, students can see how enjoyable reading and writing is and boost their skills to get better grades.

Students are expected to have a strong foundation in English by the time they reach Grade 8. This is the last stage before high school where more rigorous curriculum awaits, which makes Grade 8 English a perfect stage for catching up or strengthening reading and writing skills.

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 8 English tutor program helps students improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. But that’s not all — students gain lifelong skills such as planning abilities, homework skills, and most importantly, confidence.

Our Grade 8 English help program prepares students with the skills they need to succeed today and tomorrow. That’s the Oxford Learning® difference.

Grade 8 English Tutoring Subjects

  • Reading for meaning
  • Understanding form and style
  • Reading with fluency
  • Learning reading skills and strategies
  • Variety of texts including poetry, short stories, novels, essays, and memoirs from diverse cultures
  • Connect what they read to their personal experience to extend their learning
  • Text forms, patterns, features, and elements of style students come to differentiate
  • Different intonation to match the mood of various expressions
  • Developing and organizing content
  • Knowledge of form and style in writing
  • Presenting written work effectively
  • Learning writing skills and strategies
  • Define the purpose and audience for their writing
  • Write in a variety of complex styles, including a memoir, report, essay, etc
  • Develop their unique style of writing and find their distinctive voice
  • Spelling and use of homonyms
  • Punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar