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Quality Grade 8 English Tutoring

With extra help, students can see how enjoyable reading and writing is and boost their skills to get better grades.

Students are expected to have a strong foundation in English by the time they reach grade 8. This is the last stage before high school where more rigorous curriculum awaits, which makes Grade 8 English a perfect stage for catching up or strengthening reading and writing skills.

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 8 English tutor program helps students improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. But that’s not all, students gain lifelong skills such as planning abilities, homework skills, and most importantly, confidence. That’s the Oxford Learning® difference.

Grade 8 English Tutoring Subjects

  • Reading for meaning
  • Understanding form and style
  • Reading with fluency
  • Learning reading skills and strategies
  • Variety of texts including poetry, short stories, novels, essays, and memoirs from diverse cultures
  • Connect what they read to their personal experience to extend their learning
  • Text forms, patterns, features, and elements of style students come to differentiate
  • Different intonation to match the mood of various expressions
  • Developing and organizing content
  • Knowledge of form and style in writing
  • Presenting written work effectively
  • Learning writing skills and strategies
  • Define the purpose and audience for their writing
  • Write in a variety of complex styles, including a memoir, report, essay, etc
  • Develop their unique style of writing and find their distinctive voice
  • Spelling and use of homonyms
  • Punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar