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Academic Resolutions and Action Plan for the New Year

Do your school-aged children make academic resolutions for the year ahead? Over the holidays, it can be easy for students to fall into a comfortable routine and stop prioritizing their schooling. But now that the New Year is here, it’s time for students to get back on track! Setting academic resolutions and creating a post-holiday academic action plan is a great way to set achievable goals and manage the future.

Academic Resolutions for Future Goals

When students create academic resolutions using an action plan it helps them identify and plan for their future objectives. Tracking academic progress and grades can become difficult without a plan in place. Academic resolutions and planning help students understand their strengths and weaknesses to help them identify their possible career opportunities for the future.

Benefits of Academic Resolutions and Planning

Aside from preparation for the future and keeping track of their academic process, here are the three additional benefits of academic resolutions and planning.

  • Reduces Anxiety: Planning is the key to prevention! When students plan their daily studies by keeping future goals in mind, it helps them feel less anxious knowing that they have this aspect of their lives under control. Making important decisions ahead of time minimizes anxiety day-to-day. Planning skills make learning much easier and reduce student stress for a more successful future!
  • Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses: Students need to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie and what subjects they enjoy most. An academic plan allows students to gain insight into which studies they are most interested in. An Academic ActionPlan can help students choose which college or program is most suited for them.
  • Tracks Progress: Academic Resolutions help students stay focused on their academic goals. Older students can use a plan to determine whether they want to change their studies’ direction, change schools, or even consider a different post-secondary institution. Younger students can use it to help them visualize their progress throughout the school year. An academic plan allows students to get an overview of where they are compared to where they want to go, helping them stay motivated and track with their academic resolutions.

Get back on track after the holidays by starting an academic action plan today!

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