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The Value of Tutoring: An Oxford Learning Review by Mommy Gearest

The value of tutoring at oxford learning

Mommy blogger and product reviewer Andrea of Mommygearest.com enrolled her son for a free three-month trial at Oxford Learning Courtice this summer.

Read her initial post about her expectations and experience during her first couple of weeks here.

After the three month trial was up, Andrea chose to keep her son in his program. We couldn’t be happier to have him continue on and for him to carry on hitting his personal milestones.

We’d like to congratulate the K Man on his fantastic progress in reading skills over such a short time!

Andrea identified a couple of common challenges that most parents face when choosing to add afterschool tutoring to their family’s already hectic lifestyle. The first challenge is scheduling and the second one is cost.

While Andrea and her family juggled their schedules to get the K Man to his Oxford Learning’s classes, here’s what she had to say about the cost—and the value—of her son’s program at Oxford Learning:


“I firmly believe that’s worth a few hundred dollars a month… In the grand scheme of things, three or four thousand bucks a year is a joke for quality education… While I hope The K Man turns out to be above average, I need to take matters into my own hands to get him there. With extra attention at home and a boost from Oxford Learning, I think his future’s looking pretty damn good.”

Please read Andrea’s full post on Mommy Gearest.


We think the K-Man’s future is looking pretty good too!

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