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Twenty Best things to do this summer

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A list in fives

5 things to do for your BODY this summer:

  1. Climb a tree
  2. Swim in a lake
  3. Go for a hike
  4. Ride a bike
  5. Get a good night’s sleep every night

Five things to do for your BRAIN this summer:

  1. Read a classic novel
  2. Learn five new words and use them as often as possible
  3. Play games that challenge your mind
  4. Keep a scrapbook of your daily activities and wildlife observations
  5. Start a short story and add a new paragraph every day

5 things to learn and do TOGETHER as a family:

  1. Learn the names of trees in your area
  2. Start a collection of rocks or seashells or anything that you can collect together
  3. Identify birds that you commonly see
  4. Learn how to tie a knot
  5. Take a hike at a new trail

5 things to do this summer to Get Ready for the next school year:

  1. Establish a back-to-school routine. Begin following school day bedtimes and morning routines well in advance of back to school for an easy transition back to the classroom.
  2. Turn off the TV. Research has shown that watching TV before bed over-stimulates the brain and prevents sleep.
  3. Get organized. Time management is a learned skill, not acquired one. Use a family calendar to stay on top of appointments and schedules all summer long.
  4. Keep reading. Reading continually improves reading comprehension skills and develops vocabulary.
  5. Don’t run on autopilot. With school closed for the summer, kids can easily fall behind. To prevent this, kids should engage in some sort of learning or other mentally stimulating activity throughout the summer to keep their minds sharp and always ready to learn.

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