children learning at school on computers

There’s been a lot of talk about how technology in the classroom can enrich the learning experience, giving students multi-sensory, hands-on learning time. New tools such as iPads and even tools with fewer bells and whistles (such as cellphones) are becoming part of many schools’ classroom teaching and learning experience. The argument is that it […]

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According to an article on CNN, recent study is showing that too much online time can actually change brain structure. The study looked at college students who spent about 10 hours a day online in comparison to those who spent less than two hours a day.  The study showed that the heavy Internet users actually […]

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If you have ever held a pen to write a note or put your fingers to a keyboard to send an email, then you have likely spelled a word incorrectly. It’s no surprise, assSpelling is a major stumbling point for people if all ages. But why is that? For starters, English is a notoriously difficult language to […]

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