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Hated Online Learning? Summer Learning Can Help.

If your child hated online learning, you are not alone. Overall, the prevailing sentiment is that online learning was a struggle for all students. For many students, not learning in class caused them to miss out on the best part of school: connection with others. But missing being around other students isn’t the only side effect of online learning.

Three Key Impacts of Online Learning:

  • social
  • emotional
  • academic

Keep reading to learn more about the impact of online learning and how you can help your child this summer.

Social Impact

Interacting with peers regularly is part of normal and healthy development for students. Friends at school can boost school motivation and desire to learn. Connecting with others this summer will help. Experts say that social time can get kids interested in school again and help them heal from the isolation of COVID-19.

Emotional Impact

Researchers say the pandemic has had a profound effect on the mental health of children. Researchers found that roughly 70 per cent of children experienced a deterioration of their mental health since the pandemic. Many students experienced an increase in depression, anxiety, and irritability. Pandemic depression can make students less able to tolerate disappointment and less motivated to get involved in activities. They also report being restless and bored.

Academic Impact

Education experts worry that online learning has caused a gap that students may not recover from. Regular attendance was down this school year, as was class participation—both of which impact learning and school success. Students of all ages and grades will be behind before next year begins.

Make Learning Fun Again This Summer!

For students who hated online learning, summer learning represents an opportunity to make learning fun again. Restrictions are lifting across the country and in-person learning is becoming available once again. Interactive summer learning programs can help students not only catch back up and regain missing skills, it can help them start re-associating school with everything great that they love about learning and education.

Reconnect your child with learning opportunities that motivate and encourage this summer and help them rediscover their love of learning and get ahead for next year. Oxford Learning summer programs are a great way to help students who hated online learning love learning and school again. Find a location near you to enrol today!

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