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Project Plan of Attack

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Have an upcoming project and have no idea how to get started? Beginning is usually the hardest part, but once the ball is rolling, you’ll see how easy it is to complete a large task effectively and on time.


  • Ask ‘Why is this important?’: Take some time before beginning to think of why the project is important to help you get started. Ask yourself what you will learn, why you may have been procrastinating on getting started, and what the consequences of not finishing the project on time will be.
  • Develop a Schedule: Grab your agenda and figure out how much time you have between the day the project was assigned to when it is due. Figure out how many blocks of time you have to work on the project (maybe a bit every day or every other day). Doing a bit of work each day until the project is due will help avoid procrastination and a big rush right before the due date.
  • Divide and Conquer: Divide the project up into smaller parts (eg. research, first draft, editing, final draft) and give yourself mini deadlines for each part. Breaking a big project down into smaller, more tangible parts, will help you be less overwhelmed by the whole project and help you get started!
  • Plan of Attack: Use our handy ‘Project Plan of Attack’ to keep yourself focused and on track. Download and print a copy by clicking on the picture below.

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