Evidence for Tutoring

Tutoring has long been recognized as an effective tool for enhancing student learning outcomes.  In recent years, as education shifted to remote or hybrid models due to the pandemic, tutoring has gained even greater attention as a way to support ongoing student learning. A recent report from the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) highlights the […]

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students ungrading learning

You may have seen the term “ungrading” used recently in news articles or across social media. But what is ungrading, and why would schools use it? The ungrading trend involves removing the focus on grades in order to place a greater emphasis on teachers’ comments and students’ overall progress. According to ungrading theory, grades are […]

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Homework pro and cons

The dreaded word for students across the country—homework.  Homework has long been a source of debate, with parents, educators, and education specialists debating the advantages of at-home study. There are many pros and cons of homework. We’ve examined a few significant points to provide you with a summary of the benefits and disadvantages of homework. […]

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French Immersion Program

Should I enroll my child in a French immersion program? It’s a big debate that many Canadians have: will enrolling your child in French immersion affect their grades? The reality is that choosing French immersion will not negatively affect the average student’s academic trajectory, but it may even help sharpen language and math skills. Research […]

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