Handwriting lost art

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of handwriting. We type on keyboards and swipe on screens, leaving behind the traditional practice of putting pen to paper. But according to a recent article in The Atlantic, there’s a renewed interest in the art of handwriting amongst GenZ. Handwriting has been around for […]

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Math Fun Again

Mathematics is an essential subject that forms the foundation of many aspects of life.  From basic calculations to complex problem-solving, math is a crucial tool that helps students in their daily lives. However, for many students, math can be a source of anxiety, boredom, and frustration. The idea of making math fun again may seem […]

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Strong Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is essential for effective communication and can help your child express their thoughts and ideas more clearly. It can also make your child a more persuasive speaker or writer and increase their confidence in social and professional situations.  Plus, research shows that general vocabulary knowledge is a good predictor of academicachievement. Studies […]

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Stay Motivated

After months spent indoors, spring’s arrival can distract students and lead to spring fever. Thanks in part to extra daylight, many students begin to feel the urge to get outside and move around. Spring fever can look like restlessness, distraction, and even procrastination for students. Even though the weather may be nicer, the school year […]

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