Homework help

Homework has always been a point of contention among students, parents, and educators. While some students may consider it a burden, there are several reasons why homework exists and why it is a must for academic success.  In this ultimate guide to homework, we will explore the benefits of homework, the right amount of time […]

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Background music while studying

Background noise—like the chatter in a coffee shop or raindrops on a window–might help students to study better. For many students, studying in complete silence can be challenging, leading them to seek alternative methods to enhance their focus and productivity. One approach is listening to music or having background noise while studying.  A recent survey […]

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Student boredom

Student boredom is a problem that impacts educational institutions and parents all around the world. While boredom is often connected to disengagement, its influence grows stronger as students advance through their academic journey. As students become older, they typically lose motivation and interest in school, which can cause various problems.  According to University of Waterloo […]

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greatest children's books

We all have our favourite books from childhood, but which books would you say were the greatest children’s books of all time? In a world captivated by video storytelling, placing value on books is a healthy habit for students and adults alike! BBC Culture set out to determine the greatest children’s books ever written. The […]

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