Teenager sitting on the steps of school

  If you had to guess what the single most important academic year is for children, what would you say? Junior year of high school? Senior year of college? Wrong. It’s third grade. A Time News article states that third grade is the most important academic year because it is the year students move from […]

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Young boy ready at school with his backpack on

Your three-year old daughter has memorized all the words to her favourite bedtime story. Your three-year son plays with the refrigerator magnets and asks you to name the letters for him. It’s time to teach your child to read. The first step is to take a trip to the library to pick out books together; […]

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Or, 13 more ways to make learning part of your summer. N: Nature. Take a nature hike, stopping along the path to look at plants and animals. This is a great place to practice description skills. Engage children to think actively about what they encounter by asking questions, “why do you think that tree is […]

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Child playing after school in a happy environment

What does your child like to do in her spare time? Does he like to paint? Or read? Maybe she likes to play video games or practice soccer techniques. How your child fills his after-school hours can impact how he learns in school in both negative and positive ways. Your child’s after school activities can […]

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