Studies show that children who learn to ready early in life have a head start in not only reading, but in all academics. Get facts and tips on developing reading skills in young children with this short video. Like our video? Be sure to share!

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A toddler reading an ipad

Where do books fit in the age of technology? With the amount of time children spend online, are books becoming a thing of the past? Are students giving up on reading for pleasure, or are they just doing so in a different way? An article by outlines concerns from educators suggesting that students are […]

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Young boy that has become a book worm reading

“This book is so BORING” “This book is so OLD” “This book is TERRIBLE” Have you heard one (or all) of these sentences from your child in regards to required school readings? Most students won’t reach the end of high school without being required to read classic literature of some form. Whether it’s Shakespeare or […]

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Child reading a comic book on a coach

The Canadian Council on Learning recently published a report that says that comic books can help close the reading gender gap. When it comes to reading, studies have shown repeatedly that boys trail behind girls. This is not a new idea. The gender gap in school success has been on educators’ radar for quite some […]

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