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How to Tackle Homework Issues Before They Become a Problem

Homework issues

Homework is a part of being a student. Homework helps students practice skills, cement concepts learned in school, and prepare for future classes. 

Does your child struggle to complete homework? Some common reasons students struggle with homework are poor comprehension, learning gaps, disorganization, low confidence, and poor motivation, which can make homework frustrating, tedious, and stressful. 

It’s hard to know what to do when your kids struggle with their homework. If you notice your child having trouble completing assignments or homework, these tips can help.

Find out how to resolve homework issues and everything else homework related.

9 Tips To Tackle Homework Issues

  1. Ensure your child is using a school agenda every night and writing assignments in it every day in class. Parents can check the agenda at night and remind their kids about assignments that might be overlooked.
  1. Establish a regular homework time and place for each child. Ensure they have everything they need to complete the assignments, such as pencils, paper and books. Read more about Study Studios.
  1. Talk with the teacher about how much homework is appropriate for the grade level and subject. Some teachers give less homework than others, so it’s important to know what your child is being asked to do at school. Read more about recommended homework guidelines.
  2. Ask your children what they need help with and then provide them with the help they need, such as a tutoring program with Oxford Learning.
  1. Children may need help completing homework occasionally. While parents should be available to assist, it’s important that parents not complete the assignment for their children. Parents can assist their children by going through examples, asking leading questions, monitoring frustration, and setting time limits.
  1. Make sure your children understand what you expect of them. Explain that they must complete homework before other activities, such as television or playing with friends.
  2. Ensure your child is not multitasking while doing homework. Focus on one assignment at a time. Multitasking means students won’t be absorbing the information they are working on.
  3. Be sure your child gets enough sleep and exercise. Encourage them to eat healthy foods and make sure they get enough vitamins. If your child has trouble with homework and can’t seem to concentrate, speak with their doctor.
  4. Explain that homework is important and encourage them to do their best. Make sure they understand how it will help them in the future. Focus on effort rather than achievement. This reinforces perseverance when assignments are challenging.

Tackle Homework with Oxford Learning. 

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