help adhd at school

It can be easy to categorize children as having a learning disability when they struggle in school and have problems focusing. The terms ADHD/ADD are often used as the designation for kids who struggle with focusing or paying attention. Some kids struggle to focus on a single concept or activity because of a complex medical […]

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bad report card

Report cards can be stressful and can be confusing.  Now that families everywhere have settled back into their new school year routine this year—it’s time to begin thinking about report cards.  Families too frequently settle into the school routine after the back-to-school frenzy has come to an end. The first report card then shows up, […]

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math anxiety children

Does your child get good math grades? If your child struggles in math, they are not alone. Math is arguably the most challenging school subject for students—it can even trigger anxiety! This is because math skills are sequential–they build on one another. Your child needs to understand addition and subtraction before they can move on […]

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