Working memory

In our daily lives, we rely on cognitive skills known as executive function to set goals, make decisions, and stay focused.  Acting as a “management system” for our brains, executive function coordinates various tasks such as motivation, emotion, and attention. While different experts may categorize executive function differently, there is a consensus that working memory […]

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As a student, homework and studying can be challenging, especially when work takes an extra long time to complete. Students sometimes need extra support to complete tasks in a set amount of time. Students who take extra long to complete simple tasks may require help with time management as they can quickly become overwhelmed. Here […]

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Redo work

All students have experienced getting a test or a project handed back with a mark much lower than they expected. Should students be allowed to redo their work? There are both pros and cons to allowing students to redo their work. Some students may struggle with the concept or the workload, while others might have […]

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Screen time habits

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. So, it’s no surprise that kids and teens spend more time than ever in front of screens.  Whether it’s for school, socializing, or entertainment, the amount of time our kids spend on screens is a concern for many parents. While technology has undoubtedly brought us many […]

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