Female student reading at the library.

Math has a wide-spread reputation for being the subject students hate. It’s not uncommon to hear “I hate math class” or “math is too hard” from students who are struggling. But what causes so many students to dislike math? What can be done to ensure more students see how fun and fulfilling it can be? […]

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Student With Head Down On Books

Many students claim not to like math. But for some, the issue with math is more than simply disliking algebra or fractions. For some students, doing math can cause negative emotions like fear of failure. This harms their ability to perform. This is called ‘math anxiety’. Effects of Math Anxiety in Elementary and Secondary School […]

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Math is Everywhere! Math might not be as experimental as art, as fun as gym or as mind-blowing as science… but it’s still pretty awesome! Students need to stop thinking of math as something that they will only use in the classroom: math is used in everyday life from cooking to fitness, home decor, landscaping, […]

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Math tutoring skills

Math can be a difficult subject that many students find themselves struggling with. In this TEDx talk, Dan Finkel explains why it’s important to provide children with the chance to learn about math in an authentic way. This involves room to doubt, imagine, and play with mathematical thinking. Watch the video below and listen to […]

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