Child with ADD trying to study

When kids can’t focus and are having trouble in school they are often labeled as having a learning disability. And these days it seems that, more often than not, children with problems focusing or paying attention are given the ADHD/ADD label. Some children genuinely have a complex medical condition in which their brain works overtime, […]

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A girl in front of a chalk board knowing she aced her exam

Exams—they can stress out even the most organized of students. But they don’t have to. With a little preparation, even the most scatterbrained student can ace exams. The trick is to start early. That’s why we are talking exams NOW. The secret to top-notch exam prep? START EARLY! These are the top ten things that […]

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student studying on books

We know that creating hand-written study notes is a surefire way to maximize your study efforts. It turns passively reading over notes into an active endeavor that uses multiple senses and helps to improve recall. But just how do you create study notes, and what should you look for? The main thing to remember when […]

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